September 17th, 2023

Video Cameras For Your Pipes

Just when you least expect it, the bathroom really smells bad, or multiple sinks or toilets won’t drain well. This can be a big emergency plumbing problem. If water can’t get out of the house fast, your sewer line or septic tank may have serious issues.

There are many things that can restrict flow in a sewer line or septic line, and we can see them all with the video camera:

– Root Intrusions
– Collapsed and Cracked Pipes
– Separated Pipes
– Holes in Pipes
– Septic Tank Separations
– Any Obstructions from household items to construction debris

In the past, the answer was to use the “snake” and send it down into the pipe to try to break up the obstruction, but what if it’s a root intrusion or a broken or settled pipe? Now, we can send down our video camera so that we can see exactly what the obstruction is and decide what must be done to remove or repair it.

If the video camera has shown us that a simple obstruction or buildup is restricting flow, we can use the Jetter that can hydro scrub the pipes clean. If it’s not that simple, then we can electronically locate the head of the camera from above ground, enabling us to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. No more digging up the yard to find pipes, we can dig a simple hole and replace only the section that needs it.

For example, there’s one situation that happens frequently around our Northern California service area, that of septic line settling. Over the years, septic line pipes can separate just slightly from the septic tank itself due to soft sediments or shifting in the ground over time. This can allow the end of the pipe to settle below the septic tank’s supply hole, seriously restricting flow. An hour with the video camera and our diagnosis is complete, with us standing directly over the spot that needs to be fixed.

Orangeberg pipes must be replaced by code in our area in Northern California, and the video camera is an invaluable tool we use to identify underground the extent of the pipes we need to replace.

For bathroom and kitchen remodels and re-construction jobs we use the video camera to easily locate existing lines in the house to be able tie on branch lines needed for the project quickly and affordably.

We use the video camera much more in the winter months when rain and ground water are effecting our customers’ properties most. It’s interesting to see first hand how the changes in seasons effects water and our daily lives underground around our homes.

When you call us, first we’ll send our video camera down there to look for the problem, next we’ll show you on the screen exactly what the problem is, then we fix it for good. And to top it off, one of our current specials is to offer you $50 OFF your sewer line or septic line video inspection, you don’t have to wait.

So if you think you may have a sewer line problem here in the North State, call Accurate Plumbing right away at 530-894-1800.